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Tilbakemeldinger fra kunder

“Tor Magnus has helped us in the testing of our cutting tables. He is a dedicated, thorough worker, and you can trust him to always deliver his work and do it well documented.  He is an unstoppable source of ideas and has helped us kick start and improve many our processes in the short time he has been at Esko. “

Lars-Ole Aamodt, SW Development Manager, ESKO



"Tor Magnus has been hired as an consultant in Esko for 3 months. He gave us value from his work even from the first day.

Tor Magnus has helped us in the Test department to do scrum tests and to make regression tests. He is independent and works fast,  precise and well documented. He is a problem solver and does always look for easier or better ways to work. He has done several improvements in the Test department."

Henning Huslende, Team Leader Test & Quality, ESKO


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